LA STAGE Day is an annual collaborative convening for the performing arts community. This day-long event brings together artists, designers, arts leaders, administrators, students, vendors, and patrons to learn from each other and inspire one another.


On Saturday, May 17, 2014, we held our second annual LA STAGE Day at Cal State L.A. The day was a huge success, and we were thrilled with the high level of engagement and enthusiasm that the Greater LA performing arts community brought to the table.

Stay tuned for videos of our Let’s Inspire sessions and photos of the entire day. We’ll also be releasing a post-event program to continue the conversation online (and to keep for posterity!).

Again, thank you to our sponsors and partners (below), including a special thanks to Cal State L.A., Prof. Meredith Greenberg, Dean Peter McAllister, Dept Chair John Kennedy, Susan Tsuji, Schweikert & Company, the Stage Directors and Choreographers Society, Center Theatre Group, Yvonne Bell, Patrick Owen, Sarah Lyding, the LA County Arts Commission, Angela Gaspar-Milanovic, Maggie Blake, Katie Gould, Diana Wyenn, Bakers Man Productions, Directors Lab West, Fritz Davis of Digital Theatre Technologies and all our member companies, partners, speakers, session leaders, volunteers and supporters.