LA STAGE Talks is a series of interactive panel discussions centered around different facets of the Greater LA performing arts landscape.


LA STAGE Talks is an annual series of in-person dialogues for the performing arts community curated by LA STAGE, free and open to the public. The goal of these Talks is to inspire discussion of often-ignored issues — initiating and deepening relationships between artists, arts leaders, and arts patrons. Talks are often livestreamed (and always recorded) for the community to participate from home.

The series travels to different theatres and venues across the region in order to celebrate the diversity of our Greater LA performance spaces. Talks have included topics such as professionalism in the theatrical community; the collaborative process between directors and designers; the aural landscape of theatre; arts journalism; religion and the arts; the intrinsic impact of theatre; and the art and legacy of dance choreography across mediums.


LA STAGE Talk: Religion & The Arts

Yesterday’s TALK was a dialogue between religious leaders, artists, and other partners discussing mutual goals of art and religion in the context of LA, the United States, and human history.

LA STAGE Talk: Dancing Legacies

In this TALK, panelists and attendees discussed overlap and contrasts of the choreographic work happening throughout the field and explore avenues for new collaborations.