Approximately 275 Ovation voters are responsible for attending and scoring Ovation-registered productions. Their scores determine Ovation nominees and recipients.

Ovation voters consist of LA-based theatre artists who have worked professionally in the theatre for at least three years (and, specifically, have extensive experience working professionally in LA theatre). They are selected through an annual application process that is facilitated by the Ovation Rules Committee. This process examines the applicant’s participation in the Greater Los Angeles theatre community, including attendance habits and professional resume.


The Voter Application is currently closed. It will reopen April 2020.

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What We’re Looking For:

In order to qualify as an Ovation Awards voter, you need to be an active, professional, Los Angeles area-based theatre artist/administrator, who’s been working in the community for at least three years. We’d love to continue to see a diverse mix of directors, designers, actors, playwrights, stage managers, artistic directors, managing directors, administrators, and more!*

Because the Ovation Awards are peer-judged, we look for voters who have excellent critical thinking skills, who can evaluate each voting category independently with an objective eye, and who can commit to attend and score the minimum number of productions (15) from the minimum number of producing organizations (15) throughout the region.

We also look for individuals who have a passion for promoting awareness, appreciation and support for the LA theatre community, and who have respect for artists and producers of all artistic sensibilities, disciplines, and budget levels.

Voters receive a complimentary ticket to the annual black tie Ovation Awards ceremony.

*Please note, voters must be over the age of 18, and cannot write theatrical criticism (formally, through publications or informally, via social media/blogs) during the duration of their time as voters. 

The Application Process:

The application consists of answering basic questions, submitting your theatre-based resume, and completing a production scoring exercise. The Ovation Rules Committee will invite some applicants to continue the process with an interview (particularly, first-year applicants).

Accepted applicants become voters for the upcoming Ovations season (September through August). In order to be fully activated, accepted voters must:

  • attend a mandatory orientation meeting
  • complete the online tutorial
  • pay the annual voter fee of $100
  • submit a completed code of conduct
  • meet their voting minimums (returning voters only)

Voters apply their first year, second year, and then every three years.


Ovation voters at a 2013 voter orientation session

Ovation voters at a 2013 voter orientation session

Wendy Abraham
Erin Africa
Jen Albert
Rhonda Aldrich
John Allee
Alex Alpharaoh
Tony Amendola
Tasha Ames
Joel Asher
Ben Atkinson
Brett Aune
Kathie Barnes
Eileen Barnett
Brandon Baruch
Courtney Bell
Kate Bergh
Kirsten Berkman
Gigi Bermingham
Rick Bernstein
Robert Beuth
Allison Bibicoff
Melina Bielefelt
Laura Black
Stefanie Black
Elisa Blandford
Mark Bramhall
Gregg Brevoort
Christopher Breyer
Rod Britt
Bill Brochtrup
Meghan Brown
Tom Buderwitz
Ezra Buzzington
Alex M. Calle
Jesse Cannady
Cate Caplin
Andrew Carlberg
Christopher Carroll
Beatrice Casagran
Mary Casey
Adrian Centeno
Stacie Chaiken
Janet Chamberlain
Emily Chase
Maurice Chauvet
Steve Cisneros
Avery Clyde
Frank Collison
Vicki Conrad
Doug Cooney
Fran de Leon
Elina de Santos
Liza de Weerd
Matthew Denman
Elise Dewsberry
Crystal Diaz
Alana Dietze
Mark Doerr
Tara Donovan
Jonathan Dorf
Gillian Doyle
Reena Dutt
Nate Edelman
Malik El-Amin
Tracy Eliott
Matthew Elkins
Alex Elliott-Funk
Alyssa Escalante
Donna Eshelman
Flint Esquerra
Richard Fancy
James Ferrero
Ernest Figueroa
Dan Fishbach
John Flynn
Tony Foster
Leesa Freed
Kyla Garcia
Jeff Gardner
Laura Gardner
Patricia Garza
Katelyn Gault
Dennis Gersten
Lily Gibson
Scott Golden
Marcy Goldman
Eve Gordon
Candace Hammer
Jessica Hanna
James Harper
Doug Haverty
Kari Hayter
Susan-Kate Heaney
Murry Hepner
Elizabeth Herron
Nikki Hevesy
Laura Hill
Victoria Hoffman
Steve Hofvendahl
Sarah Hollis
Suzanne Hunt
Alberto Isaac
Donny Jackson
Mark Jacobson
Matthew Johns
Donna Simone Johnson
Eric Johnson
Nate Jones
Elizabeth Karr
Tamika Katon-Donegal
Becca Kessin
azra king-abadi
Mara Klein
Samantha Klein
Kurt Koehler
Scott Kriloff
Ron Lagomarsino
Gary Lamb
Jonathon Lamer
Susan Lang
Adam Lebowitz-Lockard
Tracey Leigh

Jer Adrianne Lelliott
Bruce Lemon
James Liebman
Pat Loeb
Kerr Lordygan
Jeremy Lucas
Aaron Lyons
Jane Macfie
Natalie MacMillan
Anthony Marciona
Dennis Martinez
David LM McIntyre
Marilyn McIntyre
Debbie McMahon
Nan McNamara
Tifanie McQueen
Desiree Mee Jung
Vince Melocchi
Rod Menzies
Anne Mesa
Ben Messmer
Rebecca Metz
Michael Michetti
Paul Millet
Mary Miner
Nicole Monet
John Money
Tiffany Moon
Amy Moorman
Christopher Moscatiello
John Moskal
Kate Motzenbacker
Sebastian Munoz
Christopher Murillo
Cricket Myers
Rob Nagle
Marcos Najera
Ken Narasaki
Oanh Nguyen
Michael O’Hara
Quincy O’Neal
Dele Ogundiran
Doug Oliphant
Bruno Oliver
Henry Ong
Jeffrey Parsons
Katie Pelensky
Tarah Pollock
Tarina Pouncy
Christopher Reardon
Paula Rebelo
Michael Redfield
Deborah Reed
Chris Rennolds
Jon Lawrence Rivera
Scott Roberts
Jaime Robledo
Shaina Rosenthal
Michael Roth
Michael Rothhaar
Jennifer Rowland
Beth Ryne
Christine Sage
Selene Santiago
Erin Sanzo
Toni Sawyer
Jared Sayeg
Jean Michelle Sayeg
David Scales
Erin Scerbak
Barbara Schofield
Amy Schott
Phyllis Schuringa
Angela Scott
Steve Shade
Adam Silver
Tracey Silver
Eric Sims
Donnie Smith
Jacob Smith
Peter Smith
Janet Song
John Sparks
Rick Sparks
Casey Stangl
Ashley Steed
Mark Stephenson
Elizabeth Swain
Darrell Szenasi
Jayne Taini
Kathryn Taylor Smith
Peter Trencher
Inger Tudor
Paul Turbiak
Ramon Valdez
Peter Van Norden
Brenda Varda
Mercy Vasquez
Marie-Reine Velez
Tania Verafield
Eddie Vona
Todd Waring
Roger Weiss
Alexander Wells
Karen Malina White
William White
David Wilcox
Lewis Wilkenfeld
Vernon Willet
Mark Wilson
Dan Wingard
Jeannine Wisnosky Stehlin
Alicia Wollerton
Anna Woo
Wendy Worthington
Johnny Yoder
Betsy Zajko
Paul Hoan Zeidler
Stan Zimmerman
Tamara Zook