"2014 LA Stage Alliance Ovation Awards Ceremony"

Voter applications are now available for the 2016/2017 Ovation Awards season.

Approximately 250 Ovation voters are responsible for attending and scoring Ovation-registered productions. Their scores determine Ovation nominees and recipients.

Ovation voters consist of LA-based theatre artists who have worked professionally in the theatre for at least five years (and, specifically, have extensive experience working professionally in LA theatre). They are selected through an annual application process that is facilitated by the Ovation Rules Committee. This process examines the applicant’s participation in the Greater Los Angeles theatre community, including attendance habits and professional resume.

You can read more about the Ovation Awards here.

TO APPLY (DUE MAY 27, 2016 at 12:00PM):

1. Email your theatre-based resume to ovations@lastagealliance.com. Your resume should demonstrate your professional history in theatre (not film/television), highlighting your history with theatre in Los Angeles.

2. Please complete this form, which includes basic questions and a sample scoring sheet based off of one of the listed productions you saw.


–You must complete the application in one sitting and you will not be able to save a copy of your submission. Therefore, it is highly recommended that you prepare your answers in a separate document, then copy/paste your responses into the form.

–You can view this blank application template as a reference.

–Tip for the scoresheet portion: When scoring on the 0.1 – 10.0 voting scale, start at 5.0 (average/meets needs of production) and score up or down from there.

–Current voters, please check your application cycle status to find out when you must next apply.

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