We were lucky enough to have brought on two interns, courtesy of the LA County Arts Commission, this summer. Max Kleeman, our Data Management Intern, has been spending much of his time buried in Excel spreadsheets as he’s sifted through, organized, and analyzed over twenty years of our organization’s data. To say he’s been helpful would be a significant understatement.

To ensure that Max didn’t go cross-eyed or insane, we gave him a weekly project that was slightly more creative. Max is a photographer, so we decided to send him down to the Warehouse to take our Warehouse Wednesday photos that you see on our Facebook each week. Below are the photos (oft hilarious, always unique) that he took for us, along with a blurb about his experience.

Our interns leave us on Friday, and we’ll be a tad heartbroken to see them go.

Thanks again to the LA County Arts Commission, without which these internships wouldn’t have been possible.

Max Kleeman
Max Kleeman

Having the opportunity to do the Warehouse Wednesday photo shoots this summer has been a very fulfilling experience. Usually I work in the LA STAGE Space Offices doing financial reporting and database maintenance, however, every Wednesday, I get the chance to explore the Warehouse and create a scene from scratch using the seemingly unlimited prop pieces in storage. Photography is a favorite creative outlet of mine and it has certainly been a treat to escape the office to see and share more of what LA STAGE has to offer the theatre community.

Typically I spend the better part of half a workday preparing and shooting the scene each week. Most of the time it doesn’t take too long to find inspiration: a particular prop will stand out and I’ll find complimentary elements to create a plausible picture. Generally I have a coworker get into costume to enhance the scene; this works perfectly, as most of my coworkers are actors and love getting into character. When I’m done, the finished product is handed off to our Communications Coordinator and uploaded to the internet for Facebook’s viewing pleasure.

The artistic and professionally diverse experience at LA STAGE this summer has been very enriching for me: especially for someone considering the arts and entertainment industry as a career. I have certainly learned a lot and genuinely enjoyed my time working here. 🙂

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