Effective July 1, 2015, LA STAGE Alliance has transferred the management of the LA Arts Census to TRG Arts. We’re proud to have been TRG Arts’ lead co-op partner in their eMerge software platform since in 2009. TRG has recently migrated all current members to the TRG Data Center, a new and improved version of its technology platform, for which there is now a fee.

If you are an existing member looking for software support, please contact help@trgarts.com. If you are looking to join the program, please contact letstalk@trgarts.com.

icon-externalIn 2009, LA STAGE Alliance partnered with TRG Arts to facilitate the Arts Census. The goal was simple: give performing arts organizations access to significant amounts of patron-oriented data to use for audience development and grants.

Since its inception, LA STAGE Arts Census participants have uploaded data on over four million unique patron households — providing an invaluable resource in audience development for arts organizations. This data allows you to discover who makes up your audience and where they’re participating elsewhere in arts and culture, allowing you to identify areas for growth and gain tools to reach new audiences.

Census participation is ongoing, and your organization can opt-in for free at any time.*



Your staff uploads the contact information for your patrons into the TRG online Arts Census Database, where the data is cleaned, organized and appended with demographic and psychographic information about your patrons for you to use. Once it’s been processed, you get access to TRG’s online platform, eMerge, which gives you a variety of tools to better understand your current and prospective patrons.

You retain complete control over your own data; no one can access it without your express permission.




icon-checkmark Better Data

Automatic quarterly cleaning of your contact household mailing addresses through the National Change of Address system, keeping you compliant with existing postal regulations and saving you postage, printing, and reputation costs.

icon-checkmark Deeper Knowledge

Reports on your patrons’ aggregated demographic, psychographic and geographic information. Over 200 discrete data points are available to you at the click of a button, including ethnicity, education level, home ownership, interests, income, marital status, presence of children, etc. You also have the ability to segment your data so you may better understand the specific dynamics of targeted groups within your audience.

icon-checkmark Broader Collaboration

Identify high-yield ‘partner arts organizations’ who serve arts patrons that may be interested in your programming, and the ability to opt-in to the permission-based mailing list trading functionality to reach out to prospective patrons.



As of July 1, 2015, there is now a fee for participating in the new version of the Census. If you are looking to join the program, please contact letstalk@trgarts.com.