A perk of the LA STAGE Allies program, current individual members of LA STAGE Alliance (Supporting Artist, Lead Role, and Title Role levels only) are able to rent a desk/comfy couch/workspace for $10/day at LA STAGE Space. This opportunity is not available to anyone outside the Allies program.

What is Co-Working?

Co-working doesn’t mean that you can move in permanently, as much as we like you. It does mean that you can take advantage of our office space for super cheap. You might use this program if…

  • You need a professional space to conduct an in-person interview, rather than your home or a coffee shop
  • You need meeting space for a small group (five or fewer) that requires more space/focus than a cafe provides
  • You don’t own a desk and — by George! — it would be really handy to have one for a day
  • You’re a writer, and you want to get out of your house without having to buy a muffin from that grouchy barista
  • You’re lonely, and want to do your work in the same space as the lovely staff of LA STAGE Alliance

This program isn’t to be used for rehearsals, auditions, or events of any sort. (Though we do rent our space for those reasons, too. Check out rental details for those options.)

We’ll provide the wifi access and (if we like you) some coffee and snacks.

While our standard co-working hours are Monday–Friday, 11am-5pm, all co-working hours are subject to availability, so please fill out the form below if you’d like to sign up!