fringe flyer 2016
We’ve happy to say that we’ve partnered with the Hollywood Fringe Festival this year to offer the following discounts to Fringe producers:

Rehearsal Space

Rent a rehearsal room at LA STAGE Space at discounted rates Monday-Friday, 10am-7pm. Fringe participants pay $20/hr. All rentals subject to availability. (Contact

Props/Costumes/Sets Rental

The LA STAGE Space Warehouse Co-op is a 7,000 sq. foot facility housing props, costumes, and set pieces for the performing arts community of Greater Los Angeles. 30-day partnerships are available at $275/month (includes unlimited item rental); Fringe participants save $100 on their second month of rental. (Contact


Fringe participants pay $200 (a $50 discount) on LA STAGE Alliance’s weekly advertising package. Ad will appear on LA STAGE Tix (15,000 pageviews/week from 7,000 unique visitors); in all ticket confirmation emails (200/week); in the weekly Discount Ticket email (18,000 recipients); and on @ This Stage Magazine (14,000 pageviews/week from 8,500 unique visitors). All together, our digital advertising package reaches at least 34,000 individuals through four unique platforms each week. These individuals are dedicated arts enthusiasts with a vested interest in Southern California’s performing arts events calendar. (Contact

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