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Hello to all the art-makers, art-lovers, and arts audiences of Greater Los Angeles who we’ve engaged with over the past 40 years. (That’s right, we just turned 40, and we’re darn proud of it.)

Today, we’re more than a little excited to announce that we’re launching a new program called LA STAGE Allies.

LA STAGE Allies is an individual membership program of LA STAGE Alliance. In the same way that museums, libraries, and public radio offer sustaining membership to their supporters, we believe that an Allies program will unify the performing arts community in our region.

We’ve been listening to what you’ve been saying about what Los Angeles theatre needs, and so much of it has to do with unification — of branding, of resources, and of the voice we use to advocate for ourselves. We hear you, and we know that our focus, as your service organization, is to serve you in ways that facilitate and improve the solidarity of our community.

We’ve also heard, for years, that so much of our programming caters to organizations, rather than individuals. We believe the LA STAGE Allies program is the first step in the direction to make our programming available to everyone — whether you’re an artist, an administrator, an educator, or an audience member.

This is the beginning of a new road that we’re excited to embark upon.

Happy Tuesday. We’re proud to be your Alliance. We hope you’ll become our Allies.

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