We’re pleased to announce that we’ve been awarded a ten-week, paid summer internship for undergraduates through the LA County Arts Commission. Below is the description and how to apply. The deadline to submit is Monday, April 24 at 12pm.

You can read about eligibility requirements here.

Community Programs & Events Intern


The Community Programs & Events Intern will be primarily responsible for coordinating our 2017 Ovation Awards Voter recruitment, renewal and training process for a voter pool of about 250 voters, which includes communicating with theatre artists of all types (producers, executive directors, actors, writers, designers, etc). The Ovation Awards are LA’s premier theatre awards program created to recognize excellence in theatrical performance, production and design. Also, this intern will spend time each week working with props/costumes/set pieces in the LA STAGE Space Warehouse Co-Op. She/he will help promote the Warehouse Co-Op by creating social media content and other marketing efforts to be formulated by the intern based on their interests and capabilities. The intern may also help to create a marketing plan for a new website that will be launched in Fall 2017.


This position is ideal for an intern interested in better understanding the depth and breadth of artists and arts organizations in the Greater Los Angeles region, with a specific focus on working theater professionals. The intern should be a skilled communicator, both on the phone and via email, as the bulk of the intern’s time will be spent communicating with artists in Los Angeles. The intern should feel comfortable joining a team of committed artists/administrators, and enjoy a flexible, fast-moving and multitasking work environment where projects and tasks can change daily.

Preferably, the intern will possess strong computer skills, have great attention to detail and be familiar with Microsoft Office programs (Word, Excel, Google Docs, etc). The intern should be willing to take ownership of a project and be able to work closely with our team. For a staff of 8 people, this intern becomes a vital member of the team and we welcome the fresh perspective they will bring to our work.


To apply, please email a resume and cover letter to Crystal Diaz at cdiaz@lastagealliance.com. Include in the subject line of the email: Arts Internship Application for Community Programs & Events Intern. If there are questions, please call 213-614-0556 x 717.

This internship is sponsored by the Los Angeles County Board of Supervisors through the Los Angeles County Arts Commission. 132 undergraduate interns will participate in the program this year at 119 performing, presenting, and literary nonprofit arts organizations and municipal arts agencies throughout LA County. In addition to their full-time 10 week paid internship, interns will participate in educational events as part of the program, which is funded by the Getty Foundation. The educational events are designed to provide interns with a broader perspective of the vibrant arts and cultural landscape of the County. For additional information on the Los Angeles County Arts Commission, the Arts Internship Program, and for a complete list of all the internships offered this summer, visit the Arts Commission website.

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