LA STAGE Times was a digital publication dedicated to Greater LA’s performing arts community and calendar. The publication ran from 2009 to 2014.

LA STAGE Times was Southern California’s largest paid, professional arts journalism outlet dedicated to the performing arts from 2009-2014. The publication’s archive consists of over 3,000 articles (features, first-person narratives, news items, interviews, and more) showcasing the artists and productions of Greater LA’s diverse stages.

At its peak, LA STAGE Times was averaging 14,000 pageviews per week from 8,500 unique visitors. A weekly roundup of articles reached 2,000 additional individuals every Friday through an opt-in eblast. The magazine has employed over 75 LA-based writers and journalists.

The program closed in January of 2014 to reexamine revenue models and content delivery. In June of 2015, a new journalism project was launched in its place: @ This Stage, which includes all archived articles from the original digital publication.



LA STAGE Times was the digital incarnation of the print publication, LA STAGE, which was on newsstands from the fall of 2000-2009. This bi-monthly magazine was full-color and had a print run of 25,000 per issue. LA STAGE went online after the March/April 2009 issue to first become LA STAGE Blog, and then LA STAGE Times.

The print magazine was championed by Editor-in-Chief, Lee Melville, who held the position until 2011. Deborah Behrens became the subsequent Editor-in-Chief until the publication’s closure in 2014.