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The Ovation Rules Committee (ORC) is a group of Greater Los Angeles theatre professionals who oversee the Ovation Awards process and systems. Together, they solicit and analyze feedback from stakeholders in the Ovation Awards; evaluate and recommend changes to rules and regulations each season; select the pool of Ovation voters each spring; and make immediate decisions throughout the year regarding rule interpretation and other eligibility questions.

The ORC is an advisory body. Any rule changes or recommendations made by the Committee must be ratified by the LA STAGE Alliance Board of Governors.


The ORC holds required monthly meetings and demands five to fifteen hours of additional off-site Committee work — not including consistent availability by email for electronic discussion. Committee members are required to attend to the Ovation Awards events each year: the Nominee Announcement, Nominee Reception, and Awards Ceremony.

ORC members may serve up to seven years (one 1-year term, followed by two 3-year terms).


Periodically, seats will open up on the Ovation Rules Committee. New members are chosen through an application and interview process. Recommendations for Committee members are solicited from LA STAGE organizational members, current Ovation Rules Committee members, the Board of Governors, LA STAGE staff, Ovation voters, Ovation nominees/winners, and other stakeholders in the community.


Allison Bibicoff.

Casey Stangl. Director.

Cricket Myers. Sound Designer.

Donna Simone Johnson. Actress.

Elina de Santos. Director, Co-Artistic Director, Rogue Machine Theatre.

Eric Sims. Operations Manager, Kirk Douglas Theatre, Center Theatre Group.

Jen Albert.

Jer Adrianne Lelliott. Artistic Director, Coeurage Theatre Company.

Jonathan Muñoz-Proulx. Director

Lewis Wilkenfeld. Producer, Director.

Marco Gomez. President, LASA/Executive Producer, DOMA Theatre Co.

Mark McClain Wilson. Actor, Director, Sound Designer, Writer.

Peter James Smith. Actor.

Rob Nagle.

Tracey Leigh. Actress/Director.

Full ORC Committee Bios