Ovation Registration

Producers may, throughout the Ovation season, register their productions for Ovation Awards consideration. The registration window for the Ovation Awards closes after the Wednesday following a production’s opening night.

Please read the Ovation Awards Rulebook for full information and details about the Ovation Awards, but if you’re looking to register your production, you must follow this three-step process:

  1. Verify production eligibility
  2. List your production
  3. Pay the registration fee


The producing entity must be affiliated with LA STAGE in one of these ways:
  1. You are a Full Organizational Member of LA STAGE
  2. You are using a One-Production Rider Membership
Productions must meet one or more of the following requirements:
  1. The production includes a director who is a full member of SDC (operating under a fully executed contract)
  2. The production includes a designer who is a full member of USA (operating under a fully executed contract)
  3. The production includes an actor who is a full member of AEA (operating under a fully executed contract or plan)
  4. The producing organization has previously produced an Ovation Award Nominated production in the last three seasons, before the current one*

*Note: If a producing entity is co-producing with another LA STAGE Organizational Member, and the production qualifies for Ovation consideration based specifically on #4, then both entities must qualify under this clause for the production to be eligible.

The production must meet the minimum number of performances

Your run must consist of at least 10 public, non-preview performances (if 99 seats or fewer) OR 6 performances (if 100 seats or more). These must be full performances — previews, invited dress rehearsals and other similar showings do not count towards eligibility.

The production must not fall into these additional categories:
  1. Productions in venues with more than 100 seats which include no members of any theatrical union (AEA, SDC, USA, etc.)
  2. Productions by companies that are currently on union “strike lists,” or any equivalent, at the time of the production*

(*With the exception of companies that are on these lists due to the recent litigation with AEA and the 99-Seat Agreement.)

Listing Your Production

If you’ve determined you may be eligible, you should log in to set up a new production. Individual users need to have their own account and staff will give access to company profiles. Full organizational members will typically already have access, and our rider members will be given access by staff.

Through the platform, producers will list show details, performance dates, and artist information. These details will build the Ovation ballot used by voters to score all registered productions.

Producers are required to offer at least 30 complimentary tickets to voters spread out over at least five different performances. To be eligible for nominations, a production must be attended and scored by at least twelve current Ovation voters. LA STAGE does not guarantee voter attendance; timely registration and effective marketing (toward Ovation voters) is the producer’s responsibility.

Once a production ballot is complete, the Ovation Rules Committee will review and approve to finish Ovation registration.

Registration Fee

For each production you register for Ovation Awards consideration, there is a registration fee. You have the option to pay by credit card through the Ovations platform, or to send a check payable to LA STAGE Alliance.

Ovation Voter Resources
Ovation Contact Info

Due to the breadth of the Ovation program, we prefer email inquiries so we can best direct your question to the appropriate department.