NOTICE – The Warehouse Co-Op is being sunset as of May 23, 2018. Memberships are no longer being accepted and arrangements are being made with all warehouse partners for the return of their inventory.


In the spring of 2013, the performing arts community of Greater LA came together to raise the initial funds to launch the LA STAGE Space Warehouse Co-Op. A month-long crowdsourced campaign brought in nearly 300 donors and $35,000. Since then, the Warehouse has become a valuable resource for theatre companies, schools, and acting studios to share materials and further develop their productions.

How does it work?

Those who join the Warehouse become Co-Op “partners.” Partners join the Warehouse by signing an annual contract and partnership agreement, and subsequently gain access to all props, costumes, and set pieces that belong to the Co-Op. Some types of partners may additionally bring items of their own to contribute to the Co-Op.

All Warehouse inventory is barcoded and cataloged in an online database that partners may access to view and place orders. All inventory and orders are overseen by the Warehouse staff.


icon-checkmark$200/month (annual contract commitment – $2,400 total)
icon-checkmarkUnlimited free rental
icon-checkmarkOrganizational membership to LA STAGE Alliance to be eligible
icon-checkmarkWarehouse storage capabilities
icon-checkmarkNo LA STAGE membership required
icon-checkmarkMonth-to-month commitment, no annual obligation
icon-checkmarkNo storage capabilities
icon-checkmarkUnlimited Rentals at no additional charge
icon-checkmarkNo LA STAGE membership required
icon-checkmarkMonth-to-month commitment, no annual obligation
icon-checkmarkNo storage capabilities
icon-checkmarkBelow market weekly rental rates per item


First, check out the Warehouse FAQs for more information, or contact us to schedule a tour.

To become an Organizational (annual) Warehouse partner, your organization must first become a full organizational member of LA STAGE Alliance (public schools exempt). Once your organization has member affiliation, fill out the Warehouse partnership agreement and return via email to warehouse staff (

30-Day Partnerships do not require a membership with LA STAGE Alliance.


My organization doesn’t have any items to contribute to the Warehouse. Can we still join?

Absolutely. As space is limited, we even encourage this practice. Items in the Warehouse should benefit the community as a whole, and therefore the Warehouse should be used as a group resource, not merely a storage space.

Can I join for just a few months when I need materials for my show?

We now have short-term contracts that allow you to join on a per-production basis. Refer to the 30-Day Limited and Full Partnerships.

Will the Warehouse take all of my materials?

Items you’d like to contribute to the Warehouse must first be approved by Warehouse staff. It doesn’t do the community much good to have a Warehouse full of old chairs or rotary telephones and nothing else. We want to house items that the whole community might find attractive, so some of your materials might be turned away.

Can you pick up or deliver my materials?

We’re trying to make this a possibility in the future, but right now, we’re not set up to provide access to a truck or do deliveries. The more partners we have, the more likely this will be to becoming a reality.

Can I store things in the Warehouse that can’t be shared with others?

Nope. That wouldn’t be much of a co-op, would it? Though you can place restrictions on the alterations that can be done to an item. Some items must remain untouched, some can be altered but must be returned to their original states, and others may be manipulated to your heart’s content.




2Cents Theatre Company
Actors Co-Op Theatre Company
Andak Stage Company
Art of Acting Studio
Bilingual Foundation of the Arts
Celebration Theatre
Champs Charter High School
Coeurage Theatre Company
Crown City Theatre
Garry Marshall Theatre
Open Fist
Ophelia’s Jump Productions
Pasadena Playhouse
Performing Arts Education Centers – LVUSD
Sacred Fools Theater Company
Stella Adler Academy & Theatre
The Geffen Playhouse
The Loft Ensemble
Theatre of NOTE


The Antaeus Company
Brimmer Street
IMPRO Theatre
Joel Daavid
Rogue Machine Theatre
Son of Semele Ensemble
The Blank

30-Day Partners

Actaeon Players
Anne Kathryn Parma
Australian Theatre Company
Bootleg Theatre
Bright Eyes Productions
The Broad Stage
California School of the Arts-SGV
Claudia Musikul
The Colony Theatre Company
CRE Outreach
DBA Studio
Dean Productions
El Portal Theatre
Fearless Imp Productions
Felix Racelis
Firefly Theater & Films, LLC
Four Clowns
Gillian Shure
Griot Theatre
John Holly
John Scacco
IAMA Theatre Company
Immaculate Heart High
Independent Opera Company
Intellectual Property Entertainment Productions, LLC
Kaiser Permanente Educational Theatre
Latino Theater Company
Lightning Rod Theater
McCoy Rigby Entertainment
Notre Dame Academy
Perfectly Serious Productions
Pony Box Dance Theatre
P.S. Arts
Linda Tolliver/Susan Priver
London Calling, LLC
Odyssey Theatre
Santa Monica Rep
Short & Sweet Festival
Sierra Madre Playhouse
The 6th Act
Trailblazer Productions
Wallis Annenberg Center for the Performing Arts
York Productions/Fancy Pants, LLC



This program could not exist without the support of our inventory system sponsor, Database Works, and without the generous contributions of Pamela Vanderway/; Kiki & David Gindler; and Lacie Harmon & Robin Greenspan.

LA STAGE Space is growing quickly and could use your additional support. To find out how you can help, check out our support page.


Full LA STAGE Space Donor List

11 Designs, Addi Gaash, Advanced Bakery Services, Alan Stillson, Albert E. Aubin, Alexandra Hisserich, Alysha Brady, Amy Raasch, Amy Tolsky, Anastasia Coon, Andrea Hutchman, Andrea Ruth Kiyomura, Andrew Hungerford, Andy Gunn, Angela Calin, Anna B. Scott, Artworks Theatre and Studios, Austin Westbay, Autumn Ames, B. Varda, Belinda Gosbee, Bennett Cohon, Bernard K. Addison, Beth Mack, Bill Brochtrup, Bob DeRosa and Jen Smith, Brian Howard, Brian Polak, Brian W Wallis, Brian Weir, Bruce Clayton, Bruno Oliver, Bryan Bellomo, Bryan Rasmussen, Camille Schenkkan, Carrie Keranee, Carrie St. Louis, Caryl West, Caryn Desai, Cecile Tio, Chalk Repertory Theatre, Charity Tran, Chris Anthony, Christel Joy, Christopher Pearson, Christopher Sepulveda, Cindy Marie Jenkins, Corey Howe, Corey Klemow, Corwin Evans, Craig Fleming, Cricket Myers, Cynthia Pearson, Dakin Matthews, Dan Wingard, Danielle Brazell, Danielle Thorpe, Daria Balling, Darin Anthony, David Bickford, David Fofi, David Plettner-Saunde, Debbie McMahon, Deborah Strang, Debra J.T. Padilla, Denise Blasor, Dennis Martinez, Diana Wyenn, Diane Moss, Dina Morrone, Doc Manhattan, Dolores Chavez, Doug Oliphant, Dylan Kenin, Edie Mirman, Edward Edwards, Eika Handman, Eileen T’Kaye, Eleanor Albano, Elena Vannoni, Elise Dewsberry, Elissa Weinzimmer, Elizabeth Harper, Elsbeth Collins, Emily Donn, Emily Haymer, Emily Rumack, Eric Svingen, Erica Schwartz, Erik Engman, Erin Scott, Eugene J Hutchins, Evidence Room Theater, Frank Stasio, Gates McFadden, Geffen Playhouse, Ginger Immerman, Graham Skipper, Gregory Crafts, Ian Garrett, Ian McEwan, J. Jennrikus, J. Pachino, Jack Heller, James McCarthy, Jami Brandli, Janet Miller, Janet Roston, Jason Moyer, Jaxx Theatricals, Jeanie Hackett, Jeanne Sakata, Jeannine Wisnosky Stehlin, Jeff Folschinsky, Jeff Rack, Jenelle Riley, Jeni Incontro, Jennifer Chambers, Jennifer Hines, Jennifer Lonsway, Jennifer Skinner, Jeremy Aldridge, Jessica Louise Garcia, Joel Daavid, John Flynn and Ann Bronston, Johnny Clark, Jon Lawrence Rivera, Jorge Castaneda, Joyce Liu-Countryman, Judith Moreland, Julia Griswold, Julie Henderson, Justin Yoffe, Kate Maher, Katherine Soff, Kathie Foley-Meyer, Kathy Bell Denton, Kenneth Walker, Kevin Meoak, Keythe Farley and Ann Closs-Farley, Kiki and David Gindler, Kimberly Colburn, Kitty Swink, Kristi Schultz, Krystal Boehlert, L.F. Esquerra, Laura Ferejohn, Laura Gardner, Lauren Dobbins Webb, Laurence Shoobs, Linda Griffin. Linda Grimes, Little Fish Theatre, Loretta Ramos, Marguerite Fair-Kosciewicz, Maria Pasquarelli, Marie-Reine Velez, Marilyn McIntyre, Mark Chaet, Mark Seldis, Mark Wilson, Mary Lou Newmark, Matt Wells, Matthew Isken and Jenna Green, Matty Wilder, Mauricio Lomelin, McKerrin Kelly, Meggie O’Dell, Melanie Flanagan, Michael Bierbauer, Michael Bodie, Michael Cooper, Michael Seel, Michelle Paul, Mira Greene, Mireya (Murry) Hepner, Misty Carlisle, Nancy Dobbs Owen, Nancy Keystone, Neal Spinler, Norman Dixon, Oen Armstrong, Olga Garay, Pamela Vanderway, Parvesh Cheena, Patrick Owen, Patrick Varon, Paul Plunkett, Peter Kuo, Prerna Chawla, Racheal Caswell, Rachel Jendrzejewski, Rafael Dalmau, Raul Staggs, Ray Paolantonio, Rebecca Sigl & Brad Light, Reed Mayfield, Rene Rozen, Richard Alger, Richard Azurdia, Robert Leventer, Robert Marra, Robin Greenspan & Lacie Harmon, Roger Bean, Ronnie Clark, Sabrina Lloyd, Sandra Goldmark, Pop-Up Repair, Santa Monica Playhouse, Sara Adelman, Sean Cawelti, Sewer Socialist Productions, Shayna Keller, Shelby Grant, Sherry Greczmiel, Shirley Anderson, Skylight Theatre Company, Sold Out Crowd, Sondra Mayer, Stacie Chaiken, Stacy Benjamin, Stefanie Lau, Stephanie Schwartz, Stephanie Stallings, Steve Apostolina, Steve Julian, Steve Lozier, Steve Miller, Steven McClure, Steven Stanley, Suanne Spoke, Susan Lambert, Susie Caron, Suze Campagna, Thomas Buderwitz, Thomas Fleming, Tifanie McQueen, Tim Cummings, Timur Bekbosunov, Tina Haatainen Jones, Todd Ball, Tom Fitzpatrick, Trena Pitchford, Vanessa Stewart, Vesna Hocevar, Vince Robbins, Vivian Kerr, VS. Theatre Company, Zack DeZon, Anonymous