In 2009, LA STAGE partnered with Patron Technology to bring PatronManager CRM to arts organizations of Greater LA. Since then, over 80 companies have taken advantage of this partnership to significantly improve patron relationships and organizational efficiency.

What is PatronManager CRM?

Put simply, PatronManager CRM (Customer Relations Management) is a cloud-based platform that takes all of your distinct systems and databases and brings them together into one unified, central location. And because it’s tailored specifically for arts and cultural institutions, it maximizes the breadth of patron data and communication in a way that other data management platforms don’t.

PatronManager CRM is built on the Salesforce platform, so it operates at the same caliber of security and performance that companies like ADP, Wells Fargo, and the American Red Cross have come to expect.

What can I do with it?

Handle all your box-office and ticketing (both single tickets and subscriptions, general or assigned seating, etc), donor, and development efforts; manage all email marketing; facilitate reporting for staff and board members; improve your office efficiency through collaboration, tasks and calendar tools; and store accessible organizational history, to name a few.

Can you give me some real-life examples?

Absolutely. With PatronManager CRM, you can…

• View at-a-glance ticket sales anytime, and be alerted if any big donors are attending tonight’s show

• Generate all your activity, donation and attendance information for your annual grants report quickly and easily

• View the complete history of a individual patron instantly – including record of every ticket ever purchased (full price, discounted, or free), every donation ever made, and every email correspondence you’ve ever had (though marketing blasts or personal staff contact)

• Target a special donations appeal to patrons who have never donated before, but who have attended more than 50% of your events last season and live in the same city as your organization

• Send an email inviting a targeted list of patrons who have donated over a certain amount to a special pre-show reception, and view which patrons open the email so you can follow up with calls or additional emails

• Send an email reminder to your list to buy tickets for your new event, without sending it to anyone who’s already purchased tickets

• Quickly create a comprehensive box office list by uploading spreadsheets of tickets sold through multiple discount ticketing agencies

… and more. Instead of using a combination of Google Docs, Excel spreadsheets, email services and various ticketing solutions, you can combine every bit of information into one place. Period. It saves you time, facilitates in-office communication, and allows you to view broadly or search specifically – inevitably selling more tickets and utilizing your data the most effectively.