The below LA STAGE TalkĀ on workplace safety/abuse prevention for Los Angeles stage actors originally scheduled for Monday, September 12 has been postponed due to scheduling conflicts with panelists.
Our apologies for the inconvenience.
We’ll have a reschedule date set shortly. Stay tuned. Thank you.

A Discussion on Abuse Prevention for LA Theatre

LA STAGE Alliance, L.A. Theater Network and the Theatrical Producers League of Los Angeles present an informational workshop on best practices to ensure that stage actors 1.) aren’t subject to physical or emotional abuse onstage or in rehearsal settings, and 2.) have the resources they need to handle and report instances of abuse.

This forum comes in the wake of the Profiles Theatre actor-abuse scandal profiled earlier this year in The Chicago Reader. That story focused on actors in the non-Equity theater in Chicago who endured months of abuse by and under the authority of a lead-actor/artistic director.

The aim of this discussion is to examine the ways actors may be victimized, to share standards and best practices for preventing abuse, and to provide resources for victims. Speakers will share legal, counseling, and advocacy perspectives, with the aim of arriving at best practices for L.A. theaters.

This discussion will be moderated by L.A. Theater Network’s Ashley Steed.

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