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The Los Angeles County Board of Supervisors unanimously approved an arts diversity motion in November 2015 that directs the Arts Commission to establish an advisory committee of arts and community leaders within the County to develop recommendations for ways to enhance the participation and leadership of individuals from underrepresented communities in the arts.

The County is now holding a series of town hall events, starting in May, throughout Los Angeles County and members of the general public are invited to join the conversation and share their comments, ideas and recommendations. Town hall participants will take an active role in helping shape the future of arts and culture in LA County. Town halls are part of a large, inclusive process that will culminate with a report back to the Board of Supervisors with actionable recommendations for the County and the field-at-large. Additional support for the initiative provided by the Weingart Foundation and the Durfee Foundation. In collaboration with Arts for LA.

Full dates and times for these town hall events can be found on the ArtsEquityLA website.

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