LA STAGE SpaceWe had such a wonderful time seeing everyone who stopped by yesterday during our open house hours. The variety of attendees was especially delightful. Familiar faces included LA STAGE board member, Patrick Owen; Debbie McMahon, Artistic Director of Grand Guignolers; Guillermo Cienfuegos, a 2014 Ovation Award-winning director; and Michael Seel, Executive Director of The Theatre @ Boston Court and Ovation Rules Committee member.

However, we also had some LA STAGE newbies drop by — Joe, a long-time LA STAGE Tix patron; the staff of Stage Rights, a boutique theatrical publishing company in the area; Matt, a music composer who’s new to LA; Valerie, an actress and writer who’s also new to the community.

There were plenty more. Thank you to everyone who came out and chatted with us. We hope to throw open our doors more frequently in the future, so sign up for our newsletter if you’d like to receive invites.

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